With advent of technology, lasers have undergone a huge transformation. Newer  technology replaces the old one almost every five years. Laser hair reduction is no exception.


IPL: Very first we had IPL –Intense pulse light for laser hair reduction. It’s basically broad band light and not specific to kill hair. Thus, it was least effective.

Nd :Yag Long pulse laser: Better than IPL since it was more specifically targeting hair. Drawback was energy needed to kill hair would make the whole procedure very painful.

Diode: The best so far. Diode is specific for targeting hair, and is suitable for all skin colors. Also it has proved it’s efficacy in reducing hair safely and for long term over more than two decades.

Alexendride: Technically superior to diode in giving results, but is too expensive thus didn’t get much acceptance in market. Also it’s a very strong laser, so if done right, give good results but in case gone wrong, chances of burns are much higher.

Triple wavelength laser: It emits all the three wavelengths: ND:YAG, diode and alexandrite in single shot . Technically sounds to be the best. Fault lies in the fact that one third is wasted in less effective Nd: Yag. The alexandrite put in this triple wavelength laser is not of the right pulse width required to kill hair. Thus, plain alexendride is better than the triple wavelength laser.

So now we know that diode is the best laser.

Apart from the technology it’s the quality that matters.

A cheap diode laser won’t give any results. Only a high quality US FDA approved laser would give the desired results. A photograph can be clicked with a cheap smart phone camera and also with a high quality DSR camera. Quality and the results of the photograph is not going to be the same. Same stands for laser. Thus always check for the laser quality before going for laser.


Just ask for the brand name of the laser and google it out. You will find out the quality and technology . In case the clinic refuses to divulge the details , you already got your answer.

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Summary: USFDA approved diode laser is the best laser for laser hair reduction for all skin types.


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Laser hair reduction is safe procedure. Reasons are as follows:

  1. Skin is 4 mm thick. Laser  penetration is not  4 mm beyond skin.Thus, all internal organs are rendered safe.
  2. Laser hair reduction is US FDA Approved for it’s safety and efficacy.
  3. It’s the most commonly done cosmetic procedure across the globe.This proves that it’s a very safe procedure.
  4. Laser hair reduction is there in market since last 5 decades. No reports of any long term side effects so far.

To ensure that the procedure is rendered safe, following parameters should be met:

  1. LASER QUALITY: All lasers are not safe. Cheaper ones would  not give desirable results. US FDA approved laser is recommended. Ask the doctor for same.


  1. RIGHT ENERGY PARAMETERS: Too low energy won’t give any results. Too high would burn the skin. Thus, make sure the laser is done either under s doctor’s supervision or by them only. Never by a technicians with no doctors around. Doctor should be dermatologist and not a Auyrvedic or homeopathic, physiotherapist /dentist etc. They are experts in their field but in other’s field.

Summary: Laser hair reduction is safe if good quality laser is used and right energy parameters are used. laser hair reduction have no long term side effects.

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