Some people don’t get results after laser hair reduction. Reasons are summed up as below:


  1. QUALITY OF LASER MATTERS: One can click a photograph with 2000 Rs. Smart phone also and a 2 lakhs Rs. DSLR camera also. The results and quality of photograph is not going to be the same. Similarly lasers have quality. A cheap laser won’t give results. Only and only USFDA approved good quality laser would give results. That’s because only it has the power to deliver the voltage and energy required to actually get results.

Now how do you find out what quality laser is a particular clinic using. Just ask the brand name of the laser and Google it out. In case the clinic refuses to tell the brand name, you got your answer. A clinic using good quality laser would certainly let you know the brand  name .

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  1. ONLY RIGHT ENERGY GIVES RESULTS: The interplay of various laser parameters like energy, spot size, pulse duration etc. decides the results. A lay man when given even the best of the camera in hand just knows how to says cheese and click. Only a professional photographer knows how to use the camera and click the best shot. So get it done by a dermatologist run clinic where everything is supervised by a doctor and not by businessman run clinics, where technicians are handling everything. right energy delivered give results , low energy gives no results , high energy may leads to side effects.

So choose your skin laser clinic wisely.

Summary: Right energy levels delivered under dermatologist’s supervision by a US FDA approved laser and not by cheap laser is the key to get best of the results with laser hair reduction.

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By: Dr. Anvika Mittal

MBBS, MD (Dermatology)


Best clinic for laser Hair reduction follows the given criteria:

  1. A qualified dermatologist should do laser hair reduction : A dentist or homeopathic doctor should not be doing it. A dermatologist has in depth knowledge of laser treatments. Other specialists are not expert in dermatology.
  2. US – FDA approved lasers are recommended: Market is full of Chinese lasers. Stay away from them. Chinese lasers compared to US FDA approved lasers, is like comparing picture taken from cheap smart phone with a DSRL camera.  A smart phone may cost 2000 INR whereas a DSLR camera is worth 10 times of that. Quality of the photograph is not going to be the same. This analogy can be extended to laser treatment. Also, bad quality laser have more side effects.                                            
  3. Doctor’s supervision is foremost. Dermatologist must be present during laser treatments. In lot of commercial laser centers, non-medicos are doing the procedures.  As a surgeon  performs surgery,  dermatologist should perform laser treatments, not anyone else.
  4. Avoid laser on soft hair. Soft hair are  hardly visible after bleach.Thus,  Don’t do laser there. Thick hair are ideal for laser hair reduction.
  5. Maintenance sessions are important: Annual maintenance sessions are required after the desired results are achieved. This will ensure results are permanent. Skin would try to regrow the killed hair roots. Its important to kill whatever hair  skin has regrown by having once a year maintenance sessions.

SUMMARY : Best clinic for laser Hair reduction follows the given criteria: Uses USFDA approved laser. Dermatologist supervises the laser treatments.