One often wonders what should one apply to delay signs of ageing ?

The main ingredient  of all anti ageing creams is – Vitamin A. It’s also called retinoid. Main retinoid present in majority of antiageing creams is – tretinoin.

As wall is made of bricks, skin is made up of collagen. Collagen is the main strength providing block of skin. As collagen becomes weak, skin becomes loose.  Ageing, sun, stress, junk foo , lack of exercise are the key causative reasons behind collagen weakening.

Vitamin A or retinoids boosts new collagen production. As new collagen forms skin becomes tight and bright. It also keeps exfoliating the superficial dead layer of skin. The pigment formed due to excessive sun exposure sheds off with superficial dead skin. Thus,  keeping the pigmentory changes under check.

Few things to be kept in mind:

One needs to apply it for few months before appreciating  visible results.

It has to be applied only at night, not during day time.

Not be applied when pregnant.

Anybody after 28 years can start applying it.

Apply it in very little quanity.

In case one feels dry after its application, apply a moisturizer immediately above it.

It’s best to immediately follow it up with one minute massage in upward, outward direction .Use any good moisturizer. That completes the night anti ageing at home regimen.

Other ingredients:

Other ingredients of anti ageing creams acts as adjuvant. It’s better if they are also there. If not,  it’s okay. Just make sure retinoid is always there. Other ingredients present are:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Ferulic acid
  5. Vitamin K
  6. Hexapeptides

So do apply anti ageing creams at night regularly to delay sign of ageing.

Few of the recommended brands of anti ageing cream are as follow:

  1. Revibra A 15 cream by Dr. Reddy’s
  2. EGA cream by Curatio
  3. Retilift cream by Apple
  4. Rezoxy night cream by Palson.
  5. Reticuram by Fixderma

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Not all beauty products are meant to bought. Some needs to be ignored. Because they can harm the skin. Let’s check out the list :

  1. LOOFAH: It can be bought. But never use it on daily basis. Use it maximum once a week . Loofah use creates micro injuries to skin. When used on daily basis , accumulative skin damage can lead to amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is kind of skin pigmentation. Worst part, once it comes , it does not respond to treatment. Prevention is the cure.
  1. HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS: Never ever use them. Their use can cause skin pigmentation. Hair removal creams are very strong chemicals. Thus, they irritate the skin. Discolouration can happen even after single use. In certain people it may happen after multiple use.
  2. RAZORS: Avoid razors for hair removal . Especially for fine hair on face. Hair growth becomes thicker after razor. Don’t be afraid to us them before laser hair reduction. Because laser is ultimately killing the hair permanently. So , switch to other methods for hair removal like waxing or laser.
  3. PIMPLE POPPER MACHINES : Where the hell did they find their way on amazon ? I was surprised to see them. Every dermatologist would advise you not to burst the pimple. Else, they would surely leave a scar.

  1. SKIN WHITENING CREAMS : Detanning can happen. That’s what one should aim for. Detanning also improves complexion. Skin whitening creams should be avoided , especially the ones containing steroids. Steroid application may initially brighten up your skin , but would finally damage it. It may also darken it . Check out for momtasone, fluticonasole etc. in ingredients. Avoid the cream if these steroids are present. Many brands may not mention there presence in ingredients , but may have added in formulation. Thus, stay away from fairness creams. No cream can cause fairness.

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Plethora of skin care products are available in market. Right knowledge of the ingredients can help one choose the right products. Skin need is different at different ages. After 30 is the perfect time to start anti ageing regimen. Let me tell you which ingredients shall one look out for.

Morning routine: 

  1. Wash face with SLS free soaps or face wash. SLS is a strong chemical present in soaps, which damages the skin in long run.
  2. Apply a serum or cream containing the following two ingredients:
  3. Hyaluronic acid : It’s a transparent gel already present in our skin. It absorbs 1000 times more water. Thus, keeps the skin hydrated. Also gives the much desired glow to skin. 1 to 2% should be present.
  4. Vitamin C : Also known as ascorbic acid. 15 to 20 percent should be present. It helps skin make new collagen . collagen is the main building block of skin. When it weakens with age, skin becomes loose and friable. Also it reduces facial pigmentation.
  5. On top of you can apply  moisturizer, in case of dry skin. Do a one minute self massage every time you apply a moisturizer. this helps one age gracefully by increasing the blood flow.
  6. Make up can be applied last.

Night routine:

  1. Wash face with SLS free soaps or face wash.
  2. Remove make up with cotton dabbed in alcohol free rose water . Don’t use the commercial make up removers. Avoid as much chemical exposure as possible.
  3. Apply retinoid or tretinoin containing anti – ageing cream. Retinoids is the main ingredient of any anti ageing cream. It’s responsible for collagen boasting in skin. All other ingredients like mulberry extract etc. are adjuvents. They are present good, if not it’s perfectly fine. Don’t use if planning pregnancy, or pregnant.
  4. Moisturizer

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                                      LASER REDUCTION VERSUS LASER HAIR REMOVAL

Laser hair reduction versus laser hair removal. What can be achieved? A caller asked me recently.

Laser hair reduction is getting rid of 70 to 90 percent unwanted hair. Laser hair removal means getting rid of 100% hair.

Medically,laser hair reduction is possible medically. Laser hair removal cannot be achieved. In case, one claim to deliver, laser hair removal, understand it’s a lie. Till date, best of the lasers can deliver only laser hair reduction. 70 to 90 percent hair gets killed. Whatever hair remains is reduced to thin villous hair. Their original thickness is gone. Also, when remaining hair is shaved, they grow back after a delayed time. If they used to grow back after a week’s time post shaving, they would now grow after three months. They are very soft to touch. Thus, laser hair reduction is good enough target to be achieved.

Laser hair removal till date is has not been achieved. Don’t fall prey of the centers claiming the same.

A US FDA approved Diode laser can deliver laser hair reduction. It takes around 6 to 8 sessions. Sessions are done at 4 to 8 weeks interval. Each session of full body takes around 2 hours. Smaller areas take lesser time. Dermatologist should be supervising each session. Slight pin prick sensation can be felt during laser shots. It can be tolerated comfortably.  Person can resume normal life immediately after the session. Laser hair reduction has no long term side effects.

UNDERARMS LASER HAIR REMOVAL                                          RESULTS

Summary : Laser hair reduction versus laser hair  removal. laser hair reduction means getting rid of 70 to 90 % of unwanted of hair. This can be achieved. Laser hair removal i.e. getting rid of 100% hair is not possible.

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Cost of laser hair reduction can be confusing for some. Every laser centers quote different prices. Price depends upon two things:

  1. QUALITY OF LASER: Laser comes in all quality. Laser machine can cost from 1 lakh to 30 lakhs INR. The better quality machine delivers better results. Make sure you are getting it done by USFDA approved machine. Ask the center for the brand name. Google it to find whether its USFDA approved or not. The center with a good quality machine would charge you more. Also, the chances of side effects of laser hair reduction are much higher with a low-quality laser.


  1. WHO IS DOING THE LASER: Laser treatments should be done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist. It’s very important that right energies are delivered. Results depend upon the interplay of right energy, pulse width, spot size. It can be decided by a dermatologist. Laser done by non-medicos will charge you lesser. Under a doctor’s guidance, one can attain desired results.


Thus, it’s you who need to decide what quality of work you want, what kind of results you want and accordingly you choose a center and pay for it. A center run by a doctor and having the best of the lasers is certainly going to come with a price tag. But trust me, investing once is far better than investing lesser and then later cry either because of lack of desired results or due to side effects.

SUMMARY: Cost of laser hair reduction depends upon the quality of laser and the experience and qualification of the person doing it. When using USDA approved laser and done under dermatologist supervision then only results come. So invest in that.

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Cheek fat pad removal is a great way to enhance one’s beauty. Let’s see how.


V shaped face looks better than round face. Fat pads in cheeks are removed to achieve the same. Once V shaped face is achieved, face looks better. Cheek fat pads are resistant to exercise and dieting. Thus, one needs to go surgical way. Picture below illustrates the difference between facial shapes.



Cheek fat pad is removed by following steps:

1.Local anesthesia is given inside the cheeks.

2. Cut is given inside the cheek . Cut is less than a centimeter.

3. Fat is taken out.

4. Cut is sutured.

5. Sutures are removed on 7 th day after the procedure.



No major structures are present around this region. Risk involved is minimal. Risk of infection is taken care by antibiotics.


It takes around an hour to complete the procedure.


Post surgery following instructions needs to be followed:

1. A short course of antibiotics.

2. Take food  at cold or room temperature. Follow this for next 48 hours.

3. Apply cold packs few times a day for next 48 hours.

4. Apply warm packs after 48 hours. Continue this for next 5 days.


If one doesn’t indulge in overeating, fat pads are gone forever.


Have high calorie diet. This would help body deposit new fat.



No, it won’t hurt. Slight pain might be there. Pain killers can be prescribed.


slight swelling develops immediately after surgery. This masks the surgery result. Final results are appreciated 7 to 15 days after surgery.

Summary: Cheek fat pad removal is a in office procedure. It removes excessive fat off  face. It’s a  safe  procedure. After removal of facial heaviness, face looks younger. Also, V shaped lower face adds to one’s beauty.

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                                              IS LASER HAIR REDUCTION PERMANENT?

Laser hair reduction is permanent. One needs to know to how to make results permanent.  Around 8 sessions of laser hair reduction are required to get rid of 70 to 90 percent of unwanted body hair.  Sessions are done around 4 to 8 weeks apart. Once the desired results are achieved,  single maintenance session is required once a year henceforth. This maintains the results  achieved so far.

That’s because skin tries to regrow killed hair. Whatever hair roots skin has regrown in a year post laser sessions, kill them there and then with yearly laser sessions. If one is regular with once a year maintenance session results can be maintained permanently.

In case one skips the once a year maintenance session , after 2 to 3 years  one would start getting the same hair growth back which one used to have initially.

Yes, it’s safe to keep getting laser every year. There are no long term side effects with laser hair reduction , if done using good quality laser and if right energy are given .


TO CONCLUDE:  Laser hair reduction is permanent if one is regular with once a year maintenance laser sessions.  In case one skips the maintenance sessions then results won’t last permanently.


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