What are antioxidants?

Oxidants, also called free oxygen radicals are continuously formed in body. There formation is due to various reasons:

  1. Normal body functions like digestion, breathing etc.
  2. Stress
  3. Pollution
  4. Junk food
  5. Lack of exercise

Oxidants build up in body leads to all signs of ageing and diseases. Anti oxidants – as the name suggests are the scavengers of oxidants. They eat oxidants, and helps body get rid of them. Thus, they play pivotal role in delaying the signs of ageing and diseases. This explains the importance of having high supply of antioxidants in body and skin.

What are sources of antioxidants? 

    There are various sources of antioxidants:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Skin Care Products: Various day and night creams contain types of antioxidants.

Application of anti oxidant rich skin care products is important along with oral consumption. That because supply to skin after oral consumption is minimal. Amount supplied to skin would be much higher when applied in creams or serums form directly over it. Thus, to ensure good supply of oxidants to skin one need to take antioxidant rich cosmetics.


List of antioxidants:


  1. Vitamin c or L -Ascorbic acid or ascorbyl palmitate

Oral sources – (Oranges)

  1. Vitamin E or tocopherol –

(Oral sources -found in vegetables, oil, seeds, nuts, corn, soy, whole wheat flour)

  1. Grape seed extracts
  2. Caretinoids

Oral sources- yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables- tomato, pumpkin, watermelon)

  1. Coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinone

Oral sources : Fish and shell fish

  1. Idebenone
  2. Lycopene : Oral source tomato
  3. Curcumin or haldi ( used in Indian spices )
  4. Glutathione
  5. Green tea extracts
  6. Silymarin
  7. Coffeeberry extract
  8. Polypodiumleucotomas
  9. Reseveratrol
  10. Grape seed extract – proanthocyandins
  11. Pomengranate extract containing- anthocyananins and tannins
  12. Alpha lipoic acid
  13. Genistein

(oral source – soyabeans)

  1. Pycogenol
  2. Dehydroepiandrosterone
  3. Meltonin
  4. Selenium : oral source : walnuts , fish

Make sure to buy a good quality antioxidant cream. Right concentration and easily absorb-able form is important to get desired results.