Not all beauty products are meant to bought. Some needs to be ignored. Because they can harm the skin. Let’s check out the list :

  1. LOOFAH: It can be bought. But never use it on daily basis. Use it maximum once a week . Loofah use creates micro injuries to skin. When used on daily basis , accumulative skin damage can lead to amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is kind of skin pigmentation. Worst part, once it comes , it does not respond to treatment. Prevention is the cure.
  1. HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS: Never ever use them. Their use can cause skin pigmentation. Hair removal creams are very strong chemicals. Thus, they irritate the skin. Discolouration can happen even after single use. In certain people it may happen after multiple use.
  2. RAZORS: Avoid razors for hair removal . Especially for fine hair on face. Hair growth becomes thicker after razor. Don’t be afraid to us them before laser hair reduction. Because laser is ultimately killing the hair permanently. So , switch to other methods for hair removal like waxing or laser.
  3. PIMPLE POPPER MACHINES : Where the hell did they find their way on amazon ? I was surprised to see them. Every dermatologist would advise you not to burst the pimple. Else, they would surely leave a scar.

  1. SKIN WHITENING CREAMS : Detanning can happen. That’s what one should aim for. Detanning also improves complexion. Skin whitening creams should be avoided , especially the ones containing steroids. Steroid application may initially brighten up your skin , but would finally damage it. It may also darken it . Check out for momtasone, fluticonasole etc. in ingredients. Avoid the cream if these steroids are present. Many brands may not mention there presence in ingredients , but may have added in formulation. Thus, stay away from fairness creams. No cream can cause fairness.

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