White patches on skin a very common finding.  There can be various medical causes for it. Like pityriasis alba, fungus infection called  tinia versicolor, leprosy, P alba , vitiligo etc. What we are talking about in this article is Pityriasis alba. It usually affects young kids between 2 to 14 years of age.  Most of the tim it involves cheeks. Panic stricken moms approach me often misdiagnosing it as the dreaded white patch disease called vitiligo or fulvery (as it’s commonly called). Fret not, it’s nowhere near that.


It’s just an indication that your kid is short of essential nutrients. It’s time to take your little one away from junk and push him towards healthy diet. Lack of essential nutrient in diet leads to white patches on skin.


Another hypothesis behind their occurrence is dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by taking frequent hot water showers. Reduce that if that is the scenario and switch to lukewarm water. Apply any good moisturizer twice a day. My recommendation would be Aveeno or Physiogel moisturizer. One can use any other good brand too.  Also use only SLS free sops like Dove. SLS: sodium laureth sulphate is a harsh chemical in soaps leaves skin dry.


Lastly, too much of sun exposure has been speculated as yet another cause. Apply sunscreens whenever out .Half a table spoon on entire face, to be replied after every three hours is recommended to get full protection. Yes, application of sunscreen is effective and is recommended safe by FDA for anyone post first 6 months of life. Use SPF(Sun protection factor ) 30.


Treatment primarily includes switching to healthier diet. Use of moisturizers and sunscreens to cater dry skin and excessive sun exposure respectively. Mild steroid creams prescribed by a dermatologist used for one or two weeks would help too to clear off the white patch sooner. These white patches are not communicable. They don’t spread by touch. They are asymptomatic. Patient doesn’t complain of itching or pain.







  What are antioxidants?

Oxidants, also called free oxygen radicals are continuously formed in body. There formation is due to various reasons:

  1. Normal body functions like digestion, breathing etc.
  2. Stress
  3. Pollution
  4. Junk food
  5. Lack of exercise

Oxidants build up in body leads to all signs of ageing and diseases. Anti oxidants – as the name suggests are the scavengers of oxidants. They eat oxidants, and helps body get rid of them. Thus, they play pivotal role in delaying the signs of ageing and diseases. This explains the importance of having high supply of antioxidants in body and skin.

What are sources of antioxidants? 

    There are various sources of antioxidants:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Skin Care Products: Various day and night creams contain types of antioxidants.

Application of anti oxidant rich skin care products is important along with oral consumption. That because supply to skin after oral consumption is minimal. Amount supplied to skin would be much higher when applied in creams or serums form directly over it. Thus, to ensure good supply of oxidants to skin one need to take antioxidant rich cosmetics.


List of antioxidants:


  1. Vitamin c or L -Ascorbic acid or ascorbyl palmitate

Oral sources – (Oranges)

  1. Vitamin E or tocopherol –

(Oral sources -found in vegetables, oil, seeds, nuts, corn, soy, whole wheat flour)

  1. Grape seed extracts
  2. Caretinoids

Oral sources- yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables- tomato, pumpkin, watermelon)

  1. Coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinone

Oral sources : Fish and shell fish

  1. Idebenone
  2. Lycopene : Oral source tomato
  3. Curcumin or haldi ( used in Indian spices )
  4. Glutathione
  5. Green tea extracts
  6. Silymarin
  7. Coffeeberry extract
  8. Polypodiumleucotomas
  9. Reseveratrol
  10. Grape seed extract – proanthocyandins
  11. Pomengranate extract containing- anthocyananins and tannins
  12. Alpha lipoic acid
  13. Genistein

(oral source – soyabeans)

  1. Pycogenol
  2. Dehydroepiandrosterone
  3. Meltonin
  4. Selenium : oral source : walnuts , fish

Make sure to buy a good quality antioxidant cream. Right concentration and easily absorb-able form is important to get desired results.


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                Selfie pout


We all pout to enhance selfies. Ever wondered why? Pouting required sucking in of cheeks. This makes round lower face V shape. V shaped lower face is a mark of beauty. Thus, pout improves selfie.

All models and celebrities have V shaped lower face.

V Shaped lower half of face is considered                    beautiful

Have a beautiful face always, not just while posing a selfie.


Get the fat removed from cheeks. This gives V shape to face. Cheek fat is resistant to dieting and exercise. That’s why, it needs to be removed. These are first one to come in our body. Remember the chubby cheeks of babies? Cheek fat removal also highlights the cheek bones. Prominent cheek bones look beautiful


Cheek fat removal is a 20 minutes in office procedure. It’s done  local anesthesia  Thus it’s safe and comfortable. A small nick is given inside the cheeks. Next  fat is removed.  Lastly  sutures  are put. Sutures are removed after 10 days. Mild swelling remains for few days post procedure. But it’s hardly visible. Person can return to normal life immediately post surgery. Problem in talking or eating post procedure might be there for  few hours, till anesthesia effect wanes off. No, the fat doesn’t return after removal. If one over eats , then new fat can get deposited in some time.

         Cheek Fat Pad Removal Results

So contour the face to enhance beauty. It’s a permanent, Safe and effective way. All it takes is  20 minutes.

Summary : Pout makes selfie better. That’s  because sucking in cheeks  makes lower face V shaped. V shape is a mark of beauty. Get it permanently by cheek fat pad removal.


Dr. Anvika Mittal



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Does skin feel stretched after bathing?  Itches through ought the day? Develops a white mark on scratching? Well, all are sign of winter skin dryness.

Why skin turns dry during winters?

Less of moisture in air causes skin to dry during winters. Bathing with hot water adds to skin dryness.

How to take care of winter skin dryness?

  1. Apply either mustard oil or flax seed oil before bathing. Application before bathing in the skin’s  natural moisturizer, not allowing soap and water to rip it off . One can apply oil either one minute or one hour before bathing according to one’s convenience. In case one wants to use coconut oil instead, they can go ahead. Oils are good source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Dry skin lacks these, so it’s better to replenish from outside.
  1. While bathing avoid SLS containing soaps. SLS (Sodium laureate sulphate) in soaps is a harsh chemical which leaves  skin dry. Also damages it in long run, making it more prone to eczema.
  1. Immediately after bathing apply a good body moisturizer within 3 minutes of patting oneself dry with towel. That’s because applying immediately helps moisturizer to seal in the natural moisture which skin has absorbed while bathing. Applying later would have less benefit.
  2. Bath in lukewarm water, not hot water.
  3. Limit your bathing time to five minutes. Prolonged exposure to water too leaves skin dry.
  4. Use of humidifiers in room would increase the moisture content of environment and thus of skin. Use them especially in winters.

Summary : Oil before bathing, SLS free soap while bathing and a body moisturizer immediately post bathing would help take care of winter skin dryness.

So make these winters special for your skin.

By: Dr. Anvika Mital









                                              IS LASER HAIR REDUCTION PERMANENT?

Laser hair reduction is permanent. One needs to know to how to make results permanent.  Around 8 sessions of laser hair reduction are required to get rid of 70 to 90 percent of unwanted body hair.  Sessions are done around 4 to 8 weeks apart. Once the desired results are achieved,  single maintenance session is required once a year henceforth. This maintains the results  achieved so far.

That’s because skin tries to regrow killed hair. Whatever hair roots skin has regrown in a year post laser sessions, kill them there and then with yearly laser sessions. If one is regular with once a year maintenance session results can be maintained permanently.

In case one skips the once a year maintenance session , after 2 to 3 years  one would start getting the same hair growth back which one used to have initially.

Yes, it’s safe to keep getting laser every year. There are no long term side effects with laser hair reduction , if done using good quality laser and if right energy are given .


TO CONCLUDE:  Laser hair reduction is permanent if one is regular with once a year maintenance laser sessions.  In case one skips the maintenance sessions then results won’t last permanently.


Dr. Anvika Mittal



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Best clinic for laser Hair reduction follows the given criteria:

  1. A qualified dermatologist should do laser hair reduction : A dentist or homeopathic doctor should not be doing it. A dermatologist has in depth knowledge of laser treatments. Other specialists are not expert in dermatology.
  2. US – FDA approved lasers are recommended: Market is full of Chinese lasers. Stay away from them. Chinese lasers compared to US FDA approved lasers, is like comparing picture taken from cheap smart phone with a DSRL camera.  A smart phone may cost 2000 INR whereas a DSLR camera is worth 10 times of that. Quality of the photograph is not going to be the same. This analogy can be extended to laser treatment. Also, bad quality laser have more side effects.                                            
  3. Doctor’s supervision is foremost. Dermatologist must be present during laser treatments. In lot of commercial laser centers, non-medicos are doing the procedures.  As a surgeon  performs surgery,  dermatologist should perform laser treatments, not anyone else.
  4. Avoid laser on soft hair. Soft hair are  hardly visible after bleach.Thus,  Don’t do laser there. Thick hair are ideal for laser hair reduction.
  5. Maintenance sessions are important: Annual maintenance sessions are required after the desired results are achieved. This will ensure results are permanent. Skin would try to regrow the killed hair roots. Its important to kill whatever hair  skin has regrown by having once a year maintenance sessions.

SUMMARY : Best clinic for laser Hair reduction follows the given criteria: Uses USFDA approved laser. Dermatologist supervises the laser treatments.