Many skin changes can be seen as one ages. They can be easily treated. Removal boosts up one confidence to face world.


Skin tags are tiny skin colored extensions. They arise in skin folds like neck, underarms, groins etc. Consistent friction of opposing skin is a contributory factor. Skin tags are painless and non- harming. People seek removal entirely for cosmetic reasons. A single session of Co2 ablative laser or radiofrequency is required for their removal. It’s a pain free and scar free procedure.

Person can resume work immediately post removal.


Tiny discrete red colored translucent elevation on skin mainly over chest and back arising with age are referred to a cherry angioma. They are otherwise harmless. People seek removal entirely for cosmetic reasons. A single session of Co2 ablative laser or radiofrequency is all that is required for their removal in a pain free and scar free- way.


Sebborheic  keratosis  are black flat patches, slightly elevated with rough surface. They arise mainly on sun exposed parts like face and dorsum of hands. Otherwise harmless skin entity people seek it’s removal purely for cosmetic reasons. Rarely in fair skin people exposed to excessive sun sebborheic  keratosis may turn cancerous but the possibility is close to nil in Indians.


Skin cells starts dyeing with age. Since the color producing cells of the skin also starts dying, tiny circular white patches appear on legs and arms due to loss of colour. Dermatologist would prescribe tacrolimus  ointment  which needs to be applied for six months. It can revert the changes up to certain extent.  Nothing else needs to be done.

Oil produced by oil glands keeps the skin hydrated. Slow death of oil glands with age leaves  skin dry. Replenish the skin moisture from outside by applying a good moisturizer twice a day. 


Male hormone- testosterone is also present in females but it effect is subdued under the effect of female hormone -estrogen. With ageing as the estrogen production declines, testosterone effect is unmasked. This leads to appearance of facial hair especially at sides of upper lips and at chin. One can opt for few sessions of laser hair reduction to get rid of same.


DPN are tiny discreet black raised skin spots, usually seen on face. Single session of either co2 ablative laser or radiofrequency would help clear them off without pain and scar. Few days downtime post procedure might be there after laser.


Fat present below the skin undergoes a massive redistribution as one age.  Skin loses fat over face but accumulates more over abdomen and thighs. Loss of fat over face leaves one with gaunt looks with wrinkles.


 Elastic and collagen fibers are lost as skin ages. These are the main building block of skin. Once skin looses them it becomes, thin and friable. Finelines and wrinkles. Skin tightening treatment like few sessions of fractional radiofrequency by a dermatologist would help restore skin thickness in safe and effective way. Microneedling is a technology which boosts repair mechanism of skin thus helping skin form new collagen and elastin.

  1. INCREASED CHANCES OF BRUISES: Blood vessels weaken with age. Thus, they have increased propensity to break with pressure. As blood vessels rupture, blood extravagates in skin giving rise to bruise. Arnica cream and tablets available at homeopathic shops would help heal them faster.  Else they resolve own it’s own within 7 to 10 days.

Right knowledge of things allays unnecessary  tension.


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Bikini region turn dark due to various causes. It can be lightened in a safe way. We need to work in a targeted manner.

  1. Keep the intimate region dry: Pat dry with a tissue every time you use the toilet. Skin remaining wet for a long time is major cause for darkness.
  • Change pads frequently during periods: Change thrice a day. Again keeping the region wet leads to darkness. Thus, keep the region dry.
  • Skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone and retinoids: Visit a dermatologist for prescription. Their daily application does help in skin lightening over a period of time.
  • Peels: Few sessions of peels done by a dermatologist would help skin lightening. Peels peel off the superficial dead skin. As dead skin peels off the black pigment deposited in them also peels off. This leads to skin lightening. Make to a visit a dermatologist only for peels. Quality of the peel matters. Also the right way of doing the peel only wards off the side effect. Never get them done at a saloon or spa. Yellow peels (retinoids would be the best).
  • Never use Hair removal creams: Irrespective of brands. They are strong chemicals which when applied to skin, lads to skin darkness.
  • Laser Hair Reduction: Invest in laser hair reduction at bikini area. When hair over this region are removed, skin gets a breathing space. Else sweating and wet environment and wet hair contributes to skin darkness.  Always get it done by a dermatologist using US FDA approved lasers. Never by a local saloon or a spa.


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Dark circle is one of the common cosmetic concerns. It affects both genders equally. From teens to 60’s people complain of dark circles. Darkness below eye makes one look matured. Also it can make one look tired all the time.  So is there a solution. Certainly yes. As I always say, find out the cause and hit the root cause.

There are various causes of dark circles. Accordingly the treatment varies. Let’s discuss all that one by one.

  1. Hollowness Under Eyes: With age one looses fat deposits below eyes. This causes hollowness.As a depression in road looks darker due to light reflection, hollowness under eyes looks darker. Giving impression of darkness under eyes. Also this hollowness makes one look tired and mature.  A linear line demarcating the fat loss area is often visible in such cases. It’s called tear trough.
Hollowness Under Eyes 

Treatment: Injecting a gel below eyes is the best solution. A transparent thick gel made of hyaluronic acid is filled just below eyes. It instantly fills up the hollowness. Slight bruising and swelling may be there few days post injection. It’s normal to happen. It vanishes in a week’s time completely.

  • Skin Pigmentation: There is increased pigment deposition in skin.

Treatment: This can be taken care by:

Skin is dark due to pigment deposition

1. Sun Protection: wear glares when out in sun.

2. Apply skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone and retinoids.

3. Peels: A medicine is applied over skin. Next day onwards skin visibly peels off. When superficial dead skin peels off, melanin deposited in it also sheds off. It’s eventually replaced by new skin. New skin is visibly lighter.

  • Allergic Rhinitis: People with excessive allergic tendencies especially atopic dermatitis or allergic rhinitis tend to have darker circles. Darkness around eyes keep becoming a shade lighter or darker.
Allergic rhinitis or sinusitis causes dark circles. 

Treatment: Deep breathing exercises called pranayam (anulom vilom and kapalbhati) is the main line of treatment. Sinusitis is repeated irritation of hollow empty spaces in skull. Thus, one keeps repeatedly sneezing.  Deep breathing ventilates these hollow empty spaces keeping them clean. Also, pranayam cools down the overactive immune system. Combined factors treat allergic problems. Thus, in longer term dark circles secondary to allergic tendencies automatically fades off.

  • Loose wrinkles crinkly skin: Multiple tiny folds in skin due to lose skin also gives rise to darkness in under eyes region.  

Treatment: Loose skin can be tightened by collagen and elastin builds up. Micro needling and PRP combined together are a great way to boost the same. As skin makes new collagen and elastin, skin visibly tightens up, reducing the visibility of fine lines. This in turn reduces the appearance of dark circles.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma: Person blood is withdrawn, processed in a lab, growth factors separated, and re: injected in skin. It provides natural growth factors to skin, helping it rejuvenate. Rejuvenated skin certainly looks lighter.

  • Wrinkles on expression: Many times static face doesn’t have wrinkles. Wrinkles appear around eyes only on smiling or talking. Medically we call them crow feet.

Treatment: Botox is the answer. Botox is a protein which when injected into muscles relaxes them. Thus on contraction of muscles skin above them is not thrown into folds. This erases wrinkles. Botox is safe and doesn’t leave your face expressionless, as many may believe. Its safety can be gauzed by the fact it’s one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures across the globe.

Apart from above mentioned treatment following general measures should be followed by all to keep dark circles at bay:

  1. Stop rubbing your eyes: We unknowingly keep rubbing our eyes. This breaks the blood vessels, and leaked iron gets deposited in skin, giving rise to darkness. Stop rubbing your eyes.
Continuous rubbing causes microscopic bruising . Bruising causes darkness slowly due to iron deposition from leaked out blood. 
  • Apply a good moisturizer followed by self massage: Don’t just apply a moisturizer but follow it up with a massage. Massage helps drain lymphatic system, thus removing toxins from skin. Regular drainage of toxins would help keep skin around eyes rejuvenated.
  • Apply a good retinoid based anti ageing cream in under eye region to keep skin tight: Retinoids slowly help build collagen in skin. Collagen is the main building block of skin responsible for it’s tautness. Retinoid based cream application after 30’s in under eye region keep skin tight. Thus, keeping wrinkles and darkness at bay. Skin over under eye region is thinnest in body. Thus, signs of ageing are very first seen here.

Thus, no one cream or one treatment would help. Consult a dermatologist who would highlight the underlying cause of darkness around eyes and thus prescribe you creams and treatments accordingly.


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 I myself swear by it whatever is mentioned in article. I follow it routinely. Trust me its hassle free. It’s all about getting into a routine. And it works wonders for your skin and hair.


  1. Oiling once a weak is must. Oils hydrate the hair, keeping frizz under control. Oil also provides nourishment to hair. Flax seed oil and mustard oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. also vitamin A,D,E,K . Coconut oil contains certain things which form a coating on hair strands keeping frizz under control. Kalonji oil is great to stop hair fall.

Caution: Always use cold processed oil. Never buy ones which are prepared by heat. Heat exposure to oil kills it all basic properties. Cold processed is mentioned on cold processed oils and is available in market. Else one can buy from out online store.

Apply oils just an hour before head wash. Never leave overnight or full day. That attracts pollution an also promotes dandruff.

Prefer applying the mixture of oils so that one can reap benefit of all.

  • Shampoo with SLS free shampoos. SLS is a strong cleansing agent which damages the hair. Various brands of SLS free shampoos are easily available. I prefer Anaphase or Triclenz shampoo. Though you can choose any. 
Hair Oils 
  • Hair tonic with Ayurvedic Herbs: various hair tonics are available in market containing growth factors. Growth factors are good for hair. I personally use the one made by us. It’s made by chemical distillation of 7 Ayurvedic herbs: amla, fenugreek seeds, bhrinjraaj, brahmi, ratjyot, curry leaves, kalonji.


It’s water based not oil based, thus doesn’t leave hair oily.

Since it’s water based it gets readily absorbed in hair roots.

It 100 percent natural, thus has no side effects.

Imagine irrigating your hair with Ayurvedic herbs every day.

Apply ever night on scalp.

It’s available at our online store.

  • Hair Masks: Add following Ayurvedic herbs in Alovera : Brahmi, Brinjraj, Ratanjot, Amla, Methi powder . Apply once a week, an hour before head wash.

When I wash my hair without priorapplication of mask, my hair stands after washing are full of frizz. On thecontrary, when I wash my hair after prior application of mask, my hair thesmooth, shiny and have a great bounce.

It looks as if I have blow dried my hair. Methi seeds have mucous which forms a coating on hair strands thus giving such amazing results.

It eliminates my need for post shampoo conditions or detangling serums. Also it eliminates need for monthly saloon hair spas. Saloon spas are full of chemicals, which anyways one should avoid.

In case you find it difficult to procure all these things, one can order the preformed mask at our online store.

 These four practices keep my hair bouncing with a shine.

                                           FACE SKIN CARE ROUTINE AT HOME

  1. Mild soaps for cleansing: Always useSLS free soaps. Soaps are very harsh which slowly damage the skin . Milder thesoaps, less the chemical, better it’s  isfor skin. I personally recommend Dove or the one available at out online store.It’s 95 percent chemical free.
  • Vitamin C in morning:  Vitamin C serum in morning is the best skin care product which should apply. It’s suitable for all age groups and all skin types. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and reduces skin pigmentation.
  • Moisturizer massage: Don’t just apply a moisturizer or a serum. Follow it up with one minute self massage. Exercise done every day helps, not once a month. Similarly facial massage done everyday helps, not once a month.
  • Massage helps boosts blood supply, increasing supply of minerals and oxygen to skin. Also, it helps boost lymphatic drainage. Thus helping skin get rid of toxins.
  • Vitamin A at night: After 30 everybody should start using vitamin a based cream at night. Vitamin a is also called retinoid. Basic ingredient of any anti aging cream is vitamin A. if its present in right amount and right form it’s a good anti aging cream else not. Rest of the things, niacin amide, vitamin K etc. can be added. But presence of retinoid is must.

                                       BODY SKIN CARE ROUTINE AT HOME

Facial skin can be oily, dry or normal. Skin over rest of the body is normal or dry. Never oily.

Dry skin feels stretched and itchy after bathing. That’s because soap and water rips off body’s natural moisturizer. Best skin care regimen for dry skin people would be;

  1. Oil before bathing: As soon as you enter the bathroom and remove clothes, apply any oil all over your body. It would form a protective layer. Thus preventing soap and water to rip of the skin’s natural moisturizer.
  • SLS free soaps while bathing: Soaps are very harsh detergents. Majority of the ones available in market are very harsh irrespective of brands. Always buy SLS free soaps. 95 percent chemical free. SLS free body wash is available at our online shop too.
  • A good moisturizer after bathing: Apply a good moisturizer immediately after patting yourself dry. Application immediately after bathing is much more effective than application later on. That’s because immediate application would lock in the moisturizer skin has just absorbed while bathing.

I guess you have got a fair idea as to how to take care of the skin. Do follow the instructions and comment how did you feel about the same.


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In life and in skin it’s better to take precautions than repent later. For many times, damage cannot be reversed. Lack of knowledge may propel us to do certain things which may cause permanent damage. Going by the popular adage prevention is better than cure lets have the quick review of the common practices which should be avoided to prevent irreversible damage to skin and hair.

  1. Throw those fairness creams: Have you ever seen a single person getting fair with fairness creams? Still these Multinational companies manage to do business worth crores. They ploy the desire of Indians to look fair. Don’t fall for their marketing gimmicks.

Remember the fact that nobody, just nobody can become fairer than the color their genes have decided for them. Disadvantage of grabbing a fairness cream is you never what it contains. Many contain steroids. Now steroids might give you initial fairness, but on long term use (as in three to four months of continuous use only) would start showing its darker side on your skin. It may lead to skin thinning, skin darkening; pimples flare up, thin visible blood vessels etc. And once these changes appear it’s very difficult to reverse them.  At least,  not without spending a bomb on lasers.

Apart from steroids they may contain other harmful elements. The study for Science and Environment ‘s  pollution monitoring lab has found mercury in 44 percent of all the fairness creams . Presence of mercury in cosmetics is completely illegal and unlawful. Mercury is neurotoxin and may damage kidneys and lead to skin discoloration.

Aroma magic fair lotion, a product of Blossom Kocher Beauty Pvt. Ltd.  Has the highest mercury level at 1.97ppm, followed by Olay natural white (1.79 ppm) , a product of Procter and gamble, India and Ponds White Beauty (1.36 ppm) of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Instead what one should target at is removing years of tan which one has accumulated over the years due to sun exposure. You must be shades darker now than what you were when born. So consult a dermatologist who would guide you how and what creams lasers and peels can help de tan you.

  • Never usehair removal creams: Hair removal creams are very strong chemicals whichwork by denaturing proteins. Thus, these creams have very high potency ofcausing skin darkening. They may cause darkening even after first use. Thusswitch to other measures of Hair removal.
  • Never use razor where you don’t have hair or have very soft hair: In case you use razor at areas where there are hardly any hair, hair over that region might start growing thicker. Thus, restrict use of razor only to thick hairy skin regions. Never touch very thin baby hair , else they would turn thicker. It’s called paradoxical stimulation.
Never raze off or wax baby hair on face , else they would turn thicker. Just bleach them. 

Thick hair can be safely waxed or razed off without fear of paradoxical stimulation. 

  • Never use Loofah every single day: Loofah gives micro injury to skin, which if delivered every day may lead to permanent skin darkening after long time. Thus, restrict its use to remove dead skin at once a week frequency. Daily use can lead to skin darkening called amyloidsosis. And there is no treatment for that. 
Amyloidosis : Skin Darkening caused due to daily application of Loofah. 

  • Never use SLS containing soaps: Commonly used soaps like: Lux, Lifeboy etc.contains a chemical called SLS. Using it is equivalent to using a harsh detergent on your soft skin every day. It’s bound to damage skin barrier and leave it prone to eczema and skin allergy. Thus, switch to SLS free soaps like:Dove etc.
  • Neverkeep laptop on your lap directly: Always keep a barrier in form of pillowor wooden table in between laptop and legs. Direct heat from laptop delivered to skin can lead topermanent dilatation of blood vessels underneath. This condition is calledErythma Eb Igne. Though harmless otherwise, it doesn’t look cosmeticallyappealing.   
Eythema Eb Igne : Side Effect of directly keeping the laptop on laps.
  • Never get laser from saloons: One should approach only and only dermatologist who has complete knowledge of complex laser physics and it’s interaction with skin of various colors. Never from saloons, spas, Ayurvedic or homeopathic doctors who have no knowledge of skin and lasers. And majority of time they use cheap Chinese laser instead of US FDA approved lasers.   
  • Never burst an acne: Else it would surely leave a scar.
  • Never use Betnovate / Panderm / Quardiderm without dermatologist advice: These are steroid based creams which can permanently damage skin in form of skin thinning,causing hair growth, pimple, stretch marks etc. at the region applied.
Side Effects of Steroid Application : Skin Darkening 
  1. Avoid very frequent steaming of face: Frequent steaming of face can lead to open pores.
  1. Avoid lip licking: Frequent lip licking done inadvertently, leads to drying of lips and its darkening.

  1. Avoid leaving oil on hair and scalp: oiling hair is a very good practice to get healthy hair. Apply oil half an hour before head wash, massage it , whatever soaps into hair root is beneficial for hair ,hats left over the scalp and hair just attracts pollution and dust , damaging the hair. Thus, never leave oil after washing hair, apply it half an hour before bathing and wash it off with good shampoo.
  1. Avoid cutting nail too deep at edges: Cutting at the side edges of the nail may cause to penetrate deep into skin and thus causing a painful condition called ingrown toe nails. Cut them straight at edges.

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We all want or shall I say crave for a glowing skin. Let’s first understand what brings a skin glow and the mechanism to get it?

Any surface which reflects light smoothly or coherently would appear shiny. In contrast a surface which reflects light haphazardly in different directions, would appear dull and non shiny.

Thus, to get a skin glow first requirement is a smooth surface. Smoother the surface, better the glow. How do we make our skin smooth? 

Superficial layer of skin is dead and uneven. This needs to be exfoliated to get a smoother surface.

Best way to exfoliate it is by peel off peels. A medicine is applied on your skin, so that skin visibly peels off after few days. Thus, leaving a smooth skin behind.

Either retinoid or TCA based peels are applied. They can be dangerous if not applied properly. Consulting a good dermatologist is recommended.

Secondly, any dehydrated surface is uneven .Any surface which absorbs water gets smoothened out. One can understand this with the analogy of comparing dehydrated skin with a raisin and a well hydrated skin with a fresh grape.

Our next target to get a glowing skin to increase the water content in skin. What retains water in skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in skin which absorbs 10,000 times more water. Thus, responsible for keeping skin hydrated.

People which naturally glowing skin have high amount of hyaluronic acid in their skin.  On the other hand, people with dry skin have lesser amount of same in their skin, making it look dull and lusterless.

How to increase hyaluronic acid content in skin? Hyaluronic acid 2mg/ml can be infused inside skin with the help of a dermaroller.

Derma roller is a hand held device which when rubbed over skin in to and fro moment creates micro channels in skin. After which skin glow serums are rubbed over skin. They penetrate deep inside skin through these channels.  Post penetration, it remains there for long. Absorbs water and makes skin look bright.


Micro needling with derma roller has added advantage that it stimulates skin to form new collagen. Collagen is the main building block of the skin. It’s responsible for its strength and tautness. As new collagen forms, skin gets tighter and brighter. Tighter skin reflects light better adding to kin lusture.

Dull Dry Skin 
Skin Glow after the treatments 

CONCLUSION:  Combination of above two methods:

 Peel off peels to exfoliate superficial dead layer of skin

Infusion of hyaluronic acid in skin which absorbs 10,000 times more water

and micro needling which boosts collagen, is a sure shot wayto skin glow.


 Hitting the root cause is the mainstay of treatment for any disease. Curing the symptoms is like cutting the branches. Thus curing symptoms is not going to help in long term.

  1. There is a hormonal and minerals imbalance in body which leads to regular break outs.
  2. Increased cortisone: Stress leads to increased cortisone. Excessive cortisone leads to acne break out.  Regular meditation is the cure. Releasing the stress by writing it down is the solution.
  • Increased estrogen: Increased intake of genetically modified food especially soybean, corns, milk leads to increased estrogen. Increased estrogen is one of the main factors which lead to repeated breakouts.

Most commonly genetically modified foods are:

  1. Milk: Everybody in India is consuming packed milk. That’s mainly taken from exotic breed of cows. Milk taken from indigenous breeds of cow is healthy and safe. If one can have access to that milk, then only consume milk. Else skip milk altogether.
  2. Stop earning cornflakes in morning breakfast. For they are made of genetically modified corn.
  3. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener. Avoid it all cost.
  4.  Papaya, tomato, potato, rice are other food items which are majorly GMO. Take care to buy the non GMO variety. That is, buy as far as possible organic or naturally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Increased androgen:  Androgen levels can rise in body as part of PCOD syndrome. Polycystic ovarian disease is a kind of hormonal imbalance in body where excessive androgen is produced.
  • Basically estrogen gets converted into androgen in fatty tissues. Thus weight loss is the ideal treatment for PCOD.

D.  Low zinc: Low levels of zinc in body are yet another reason for acne breakouts. Too much indulgence in carbohydrate rich food like: pastas, pizzas, cakes, cokes etc. also depletes body of its zinc stores. So get your zinc levels checked. In case found low have diet rich in zinc. Like

Meat eggs, shellfish, seeds: pumpkin, whole grains, legumes, beans,

  • Low Vitamin A: Vitamin A deficiency is yet another cause of acne breakouts. Get your Vitamin a levels checked. In case found low have food rich in same.
  • STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE AGAIN AND AGAIN:Unknowing we keep touching our face several times a day.  Thus, transferring bacteria to face.
  • AVOID USING OILY SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: Let your moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen have Non –  Comedogenic written on them.
Check for Non Comedogenic Labels on Skin Care Products 

  • That means they are water based not oil based. Already skin is producing excessive oil,layering it up with further oil would just aggravate the problem.
  • FIND OUT WHICH FOOD GIVES RISE TO ACNE IN YOUR CASE: Different people get acne after consuming different  food items. Some get it after fried, some after sweet, some after spicy, milk, tea, dry fruits.
  • Find out your culprit food item by observation and stop eating that particular food.

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Everybodyseems to be having their own cure for acne. Not everything works. Some maydamage skin further. Let burst certain myths surrounding pimples.

  1. Pimples affects only teenage: False.  Acne or pimples can affect all age groups. Right from a one year old child to middle age to old people. Though reasons of occurrence can be different. In teenage it’s more of over activity of oil glands, in middle age they occur under influence of androgenic hormones.
  1. Bursting them would help them heal faster: False. Never burst acne. Bursting them is a sure shot way to invite a scar. 
Never burst acne , else they surely leave a scar.
  1. I use anti – pimple face wash, still I get them: Face wash is not the complete treatment. It’s just 5 % of the treatment. Proper cream and oral pills as prescribed by your dermatologist would help. So just don’t rely on face washes for cure. The contact time of medicine in face washes with skin is too short to give any visible result.
Face Wash is just 5 percent o anti acne treatment.
  1. Anti – pimple facials would work: False. Oily creams and massage is a big no for pimples.Thus, keep steer away from facials when you have acne, else it would surely flare. Medially we never advice to burst pimple or use oily creams on face.Facials are doing just the opposite, massaging with oily cream.
Saloon Facials would flare up acne with a creamy massage.
  1. Betnovate is the treatment : False. Betnovate is a steroid which may initially cure acne, but the moment you leave it, explosive flare up of acne would happen. If one uses Betnovate for long, it may lead to excessive hair growth and permanent darkening of face.
Betnovate : It would treat the pimples initially but they would flare up the moment you stop using them. 
  1. Colgate would help them heal better: Please don’t resort to any of the unscientific measures for healing acne. They may leave a worse scar.

Conclusion: Bursting, Colgate, Betnovate , Anti: pimple facials, Face washes are not the treatment for acne. Consult a dermatologist for proper cure.

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Not every white patch on skin is vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease where white patches form all over skin. The moment anyone sees a white patch, one starts dreading if its vitiligo. This article is written to banish the fear of white patches. For not every white patch is vitiligo.

  1. P. ALBA:White patches with diffuse border are seen in children between 22 to 4 years of age. These mainly occur on face. These occur due to nutritional deficiency.Skin dryness is second main reason for occurrence. Nutritional supplement and moisturizers is all it takes to fade them away.

  1. PITYRIASIS VERSICOLOR: It’s a fungal skin infection. Occur mainly in people living in hot and humid countries like India. Multiple white patches with clear border occur on upper chest or upper back. Antifungal treatment as prescribed by the dermatologist would heal.

  1. VITILIGO:It’s an autoimmune disease where body immune system starts attacking the colour producing skin cells. Thus, giving rise to white patches. There is no reason for its occurrence. Course of the disease is variable. It may remain restricted to certain small patches or may spread to involve larger body areas. Phototherapy and immunosuppressant remain the main line of treatment.

  1. IDIOPATHICGUTTATE HYPOMELANOSIS:  Multiple small white patches occur on arms and leg. Usually affect people in 40’s and 50’s. With age the colour producing cells of skin starts dying. Thus, giving rise to white skin patches. Nothing to fear. There is no cure for it.

  1. POST TRAUMATIC HYPOMELANOSIS: Any skin rash secondary to any cause may leave the skin a shade lighter to darker. Thus a trauma or skin disease can leave white skin patches. If trauma was superficial, skin recovers the colour in due course of time.

Tinea Versicolour 

CONCLUSION: There can be multiple reasons for white patches on skin .All have different etiology and different treatment . So better consult a dermatologist .

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  1. Tie your hair. This would prevent colors from reaching the scalp and hair roots.
  2. Wrap a scarf. It looks stylish and at the same time gives protection to hair.
  3. Oil hair if possible .That would make it easy to get rid of color later.
  4. Paint your nails. Again this would prevent color to stain the nails. Once you remove the nail paint, color get removed automatically along with it.
  5. Smear the entire body with coconut oil. It not only prevents color to get into the skin pores but also help get rid of it easily later.
  6. Layer yourself with sunscreen with SPF 30 on top of coconut oil. Follow the 6 table spoon rule: half a tablespoon application on face, neck and both arms each, a full tablespoon over back, chest, and both legs each making it total of 6 tablespoons.  Sun protection is important because wet skin tans easily.
  7. In case of oily face or acne prone skin, avoid coconut oil application on face. Apply a oil free moisturizer instead. 
  8. Wear full sleeves clothes if possible. Again this help color in coming direct contact with skin.
  9. Coming to the most important and irritating part: Removing color post holi. Dab cotton in coconut oil and rub wherever the color is. Rub in to and fro direction all over. Pour water Again rub it with new cotton swab dipped in coconut oil. Keep repeating till a significant amount of colour comes out. After last rubbing leave for ten minutes and then just wash it off with soap. Don’t rub soap multiple times in desperate attempt to rid of color. Alkaline PH of soap irritate the already irritated skin.
Women walked into clinic four days after Holi complaining colour not going from skin…
Colour gone within minutes after cleaning with cotton dipped in coconut oil .
  1. Post holi do apply moisturizers all over body post bathing for few days. This help heal irritating skin.
  2. Avoid, saloon treatments like facials , clean ups , beach and dermatologist’s skin procedure like lasers etc. a week before and after holi. 
Skin covered with cloth 
Covered skin saved from colours….

                                         Wishing you a skin –  friendly colorful holi.  

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