Bikini region turn dark due to various causes. It can be lightened in a safe way. We need to work in a targeted manner.

  1. Keep the intimate region dry: Pat dry with a tissue every time you use the toilet. Skin remaining wet for a long time is major cause for darkness.
  • Change pads frequently during periods: Change thrice a day. Again keeping the region wet leads to darkness. Thus, keep the region dry.
  • Skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone and retinoids: Visit a dermatologist for prescription. Their daily application does help in skin lightening over a period of time.
  • Peels: Few sessions of peels done by a dermatologist would help skin lightening. Peels peel off the superficial dead skin. As dead skin peels off the black pigment deposited in them also peels off. This leads to skin lightening. Make to a visit a dermatologist only for peels. Quality of the peel matters. Also the right way of doing the peel only wards off the side effect. Never get them done at a saloon or spa. Yellow peels (retinoids would be the best).
  • Never use Hair removal creams: Irrespective of brands. They are strong chemicals which when applied to skin, lads to skin darkness.
  • Laser Hair Reduction: Invest in laser hair reduction at bikini area. When hair over this region are removed, skin gets a breathing space. Else sweating and wet environment and wet hair contributes to skin darkness.  Always get it done by a dermatologist using US FDA approved lasers. Never by a local saloon or a spa.


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