Bikini region turn dark due to various causes. It can be lightened in a safe way. We need to work in a targeted manner.

  1. Keep the intimate region dry: Pat dry with a tissue every time you use the toilet. Skin remaining wet for a long time is major cause for darkness.
  • Change pads frequently during periods: Change thrice a day. Again keeping the region wet leads to darkness. Thus, keep the region dry.
  • Skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone and retinoids: Visit a dermatologist for prescription. Their daily application does help in skin lightening over a period of time.
  • Peels: Few sessions of peels done by a dermatologist would help skin lightening. Peels peel off the superficial dead skin. As dead skin peels off the black pigment deposited in them also peels off. This leads to skin lightening. Make to a visit a dermatologist only for peels. Quality of the peel matters. Also the right way of doing the peel only wards off the side effect. Never get them done at a saloon or spa. Yellow peels (retinoids would be the best).
  • Never use Hair removal creams: Irrespective of brands. They are strong chemicals which when applied to skin, lads to skin darkness.
  • Laser Hair Reduction: Invest in laser hair reduction at bikini area. When hair over this region are removed, skin gets a breathing space. Else sweating and wet environment and wet hair contributes to skin darkness.  Always get it done by a dermatologist using US FDA approved lasers. Never by a local saloon or a spa.


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Dark circle is one of the common cosmetic concerns. It affects both genders equally. From teens to 60’s people complain of dark circles. Darkness below eye makes one look matured. Also it can make one look tired all the time.  So is there a solution. Certainly yes. As I always say, find out the cause and hit the root cause.

There are various causes of dark circles. Accordingly the treatment varies. Let’s discuss all that one by one.

  1. Hollowness Under Eyes: With age one looses fat deposits below eyes. This causes hollowness.As a depression in road looks darker due to light reflection, hollowness under eyes looks darker. Giving impression of darkness under eyes. Also this hollowness makes one look tired and mature.  A linear line demarcating the fat loss area is often visible in such cases. It’s called tear trough.
Hollowness Under Eyes 

Treatment: Injecting a gel below eyes is the best solution. A transparent thick gel made of hyaluronic acid is filled just below eyes. It instantly fills up the hollowness. Slight bruising and swelling may be there few days post injection. It’s normal to happen. It vanishes in a week’s time completely.

  • Skin Pigmentation: There is increased pigment deposition in skin.

Treatment: This can be taken care by:

Skin is dark due to pigment deposition

1. Sun Protection: wear glares when out in sun.

2. Apply skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone and retinoids.

3. Peels: A medicine is applied over skin. Next day onwards skin visibly peels off. When superficial dead skin peels off, melanin deposited in it also sheds off. It’s eventually replaced by new skin. New skin is visibly lighter.

  • Allergic Rhinitis: People with excessive allergic tendencies especially atopic dermatitis or allergic rhinitis tend to have darker circles. Darkness around eyes keep becoming a shade lighter or darker.
Allergic rhinitis or sinusitis causes dark circles. 

Treatment: Deep breathing exercises called pranayam (anulom vilom and kapalbhati) is the main line of treatment. Sinusitis is repeated irritation of hollow empty spaces in skull. Thus, one keeps repeatedly sneezing.  Deep breathing ventilates these hollow empty spaces keeping them clean. Also, pranayam cools down the overactive immune system. Combined factors treat allergic problems. Thus, in longer term dark circles secondary to allergic tendencies automatically fades off.

  • Loose wrinkles crinkly skin: Multiple tiny folds in skin due to lose skin also gives rise to darkness in under eyes region.  

Treatment: Loose skin can be tightened by collagen and elastin builds up. Micro needling and PRP combined together are a great way to boost the same. As skin makes new collagen and elastin, skin visibly tightens up, reducing the visibility of fine lines. This in turn reduces the appearance of dark circles.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma: Person blood is withdrawn, processed in a lab, growth factors separated, and re: injected in skin. It provides natural growth factors to skin, helping it rejuvenate. Rejuvenated skin certainly looks lighter.

  • Wrinkles on expression: Many times static face doesn’t have wrinkles. Wrinkles appear around eyes only on smiling or talking. Medically we call them crow feet.

Treatment: Botox is the answer. Botox is a protein which when injected into muscles relaxes them. Thus on contraction of muscles skin above them is not thrown into folds. This erases wrinkles. Botox is safe and doesn’t leave your face expressionless, as many may believe. Its safety can be gauzed by the fact it’s one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures across the globe.

Apart from above mentioned treatment following general measures should be followed by all to keep dark circles at bay:

  1. Stop rubbing your eyes: We unknowingly keep rubbing our eyes. This breaks the blood vessels, and leaked iron gets deposited in skin, giving rise to darkness. Stop rubbing your eyes.
Continuous rubbing causes microscopic bruising . Bruising causes darkness slowly due to iron deposition from leaked out blood. 
  • Apply a good moisturizer followed by self massage: Don’t just apply a moisturizer but follow it up with a massage. Massage helps drain lymphatic system, thus removing toxins from skin. Regular drainage of toxins would help keep skin around eyes rejuvenated.
  • Apply a good retinoid based anti ageing cream in under eye region to keep skin tight: Retinoids slowly help build collagen in skin. Collagen is the main building block of skin responsible for it’s tautness. Retinoid based cream application after 30’s in under eye region keep skin tight. Thus, keeping wrinkles and darkness at bay. Skin over under eye region is thinnest in body. Thus, signs of ageing are very first seen here.

Thus, no one cream or one treatment would help. Consult a dermatologist who would highlight the underlying cause of darkness around eyes and thus prescribe you creams and treatments accordingly.


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